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The last year has been a difficult time for so many of us. As well as the devastating health impact, the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown has led to a wave of job losses and uncertainty. Many of us have experienced loss of income, financial-instability and, in some cases, homelessness. But while we’re all weathering the same storm, we are not all in the same boat: and across the UK there are hundreds and thousands of families who simply do not have enough money to get by.

From struggling to simply put food on the table, pay bills, or keep a roof over their heads, many families’ lives after coronavirus are full of uncertainty and fear.

Many parents will struggle to buy gifts and for their children there will be no visit from Father Christmas. Countless people across the country will be unable to heat their homes or provide the most basic of food provisions for themselves or their families.

Your support today can change that. It will enable us to award cash grants to those who are most affected; putting money directly into the pockets of people who will otherwise make the impossible choices between heating and eating.

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