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Are you having a celebration? Have you got a milestone event, wedding, birthday or anniversary approaching?

Celebrating with champagne

Are you simply delighted to celebrate this special occasion and don’t need presents or want anything other than to be with the people who really matter?

Why not ask friends and family to support Turn2us in place of a present? Knowing you’re helping people in poverty will be a wonderful gift.

That's exactly what June Brady, Team Manager at the Turn2us Helpline, decided to do when she and her fiancé Willie recently got married. In an amazingly generous gesture, the couple asked guests to make a donation to Turn2us rather than give a wedding gift. Thank you June and Willie - we wish you every happiness. 


A great way to do this is to set up an online page at the Just Giving website and select Celebrating an occasion/Personal occasion. When you’ve created your page, you can include details on your invitations and social media pages.

If you wish, we can supply collecting boxes and information about our work for your guests – just email Micky or give her a call on 020 8834 9271 to discuss what you’d like.

Whatever you decide to do, and however you do it, please let us know what you plan – and please send photos, we’d love to see them!