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Meet Ken

Ken Williams has found being a Volunteer Visitor a fulfilling way to help people who have shown strength during difficult times.

Ken - Turn2us Volunteer Visitor
“Someone who cares can make a big difference”

Ken Williams made his first visit to a beneficiary over ten years ago. Since then, he has helped 28 people access much needed financial support.

“You are giving something of yourself to other people and I’ve discovered you get so much back in return,” he says.

“It is very rewarding to meet people from varied backgrounds. It is humbling that they put their trust in you. A volunteer needs that desire to care, an ability to get on with people and good listening skills.”

With help from volunteers like Ken, Turn2us Grants help turn people’s lives around.

Ken explains: “The people I visit are struggling and the support they receive, while not large, helps them to widen their choices and gain greater control over their lives.

“The financial support reduces the vulnerability and isolation of people. It is amazing to see the difference that is making to their lives.

“They have contributed to society and now need help themselves.”

Visitors also offer a friendly face.

“Some people I visit are lonely," Ken says, "And when I see them, it is clear that someone who cares can make a big difference.”

Ken heard about Turn2us through a friend in South Wales who was receiving a grant.

“A desire to help made me follow this up,” he says.

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