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Turn2us and Confidentiality

Data Protection and Website Privacy

Safeguarding the confidentiality of everyone who uses Turn2us services, such as our website and Helpline is a key Turn2us priority.

We are bound by the UK’s Data Protection Act (DPA) which protects personal data and places restrictions on our ability to disclose personal data within the UK and overseas. All our services are governed by the following policies:

Although some of our services, such as making online enquiries to grant-giving charities listed on our Grants Search database or using our Helpline to access our online resources, require you to provide personal data, this information is held in the strictest confidence and no information is shared with anyone unless the individual gives specific consent.

In the very rare circumstances where it becomes necessary for us to breach confidentiality, this is always done with the full knowledge of the person whose personal information is involved and following the processes described in our Confidentiality Policy. test

Please note: If you make an enquiry to a grant-giving charity and they invite you to apply, you will be asked many questions about yourself, your background and circumstances, your finances, your reasons for applying for help and why you think you qualify for help from a particular grant-giving charity. Each charity will treat your personal data confidentiality in line with their own policies. You will only be asked for information that they need to know in order to process your application and get the help that you need.

Any statistics we publish on the use of our services do not include any identifying material.

Case studies featured on our website or in fundraising/marketing activities are only used with the full permission of the individuals concerned. 

Updated: 27 March 2014