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Turn2us Charities/Providers User Guide - Favourites pages

Turn2us Guide to the Turn2us Grants Search and charities' account, aimed at charitable funds

Favourites pages

On some pages of the Turn2us website, there is an 'Add to Favourites' button. If you click this button, the page is saved to your favourites page in 'My Turn2us'.

Screengrab showing 'Add to favourites' button

Accessing your favourites page

To access your favourites page, just login to My Turn2us. Then click 'Favourites' on the 'My Turn2us' navigation bar. This will take you to your favourites page.

Screengrab showing the Favourites Page

Removing favourites

To remove favourite pages you no longer want, you can either:

  • On the Favourites page: Tick the boxes in the 'Remove from favourites' column that are next to the pages you want to remove (on the favourites page) and then click 'Update favourites', or

  • On the page you made a favourite: Click the 'Remove from Favourites' button.

  Screengrab showing how to update favouritesScreengrab of page showing the 'Remove from Favourites' button

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