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Turn2us Charities/Providers User Guide - Registering for a Turn2us charity account

Turn2us Guide to the Turn2us Grants Search and charities' account, aimed at charitable funds

Registering for a Turn2us charity account

What kind of organisations are listed on the Turn2us Grants Search?

At the moment, we list the following types of organisations on our Grants Search:

  • Non-for-profit organisations, usually registered charities or trusts, that provide funds for people in financial hardship
  • Utility providers, such as water, gas and electricity that provide support specifically to their customers or general support. There must be no commercial obligation on the recipient in order to receive help.

If your organisation fits one of the categories above and you would like to add it to our Grants Search, please complete our Charities/Providers Grants Search registration form.

Once we receive the completed registration form, we will contact you regarding the setting up of your Turn2us account. This may take up to five working days.

If you administer more than one charity

Please let us know if you are responsible for more than one charity/organisation and want to be listed as the contact (provider user) for all the charities you manage. Each charity/organisation will have its own profile on the Grants Search.  In terms of managing the account, the provider user will only have one login and will be able to control all the charity/organisation accounts through this - including viewing and responding to online enquiries made through Turn2us.

What is the cost?

Having a listing on our Grants Search is free of charge to charities and trusts.

If you have any questions

If you have any questions about our Grants Search and/or charity accounts, please email us at:

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Are you from a charity on the Grants Search?

If you need to update information about your charity, please contact us.

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