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Turn2us Charities/Providers User Guide - Grants Spotlight, news items and guest blogs

Turn2us Guide to the Turn2us Grants Search and charities' account, aimed at charitable funds

Grants Spotlight, news items and guest blogs

Charities often ask Turn2us if we can help them publicise their services in order to increase the reach of the work they do.

We may be able to help you through the following opportunities.

Grants Spotlight (monthly feature)

Turn2us 'Grants Spotlight' is a monthly feature that Turn2us offers to charitable funds listed on our Grants Search database.

The aim is to publicise the work of the charity to Turn2us users.

It is free of charge to charitable funds and charities.

Find out more about Turn2us Grants Spotlight

Guest blogs or news stories

We are also always looking for guest blogs from charities, especially if their work goes with our current campaigns or subjects we are focusing on our website.

If you have news about your charity, such as an anniversary, new services or a new campaign, we may be able to feature this in the news section of our website and through social media.

Please note however that we cannot feature fundraising campaigns from other charities.

Here are some examples of news stories we have featured:

More information

To discuss this further, please contact us at email:



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