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Turn2us Charities User Guide - Viewing enquiries

Turn2us Guide to the Turn2us Grants Search and charities' account, aimed at charitable funds

Viewing enquiries

When an individual or intermediary makes an enquiry to your charity, you will receive an automatic notification. (See Screengrab below)

Sample email sent when someone submits a enquiry to a charity

To view the new enquiry, you can either:

  • Click on the link in the email that says "View the new enquiry in MyTurn2us' (you will have to log into your account before you can view it) (See first Screengrab below)

  • Log directly into your charity's account and view the enquiry in My Turn2us/Enquiries. (See second Screengrab below)

Screengrab of charity notification highligting clickable link Screengrab showing the Enquiries option

Selecting an enquiry

Once you are logged into your account and have clicked on the Enquiries tab in My Turn2us, you will see a list of enquiries. (See Screengrab below.)

On the line of the enquiry you want to view, click 'View enquiry'. (Circled on the Screengrab below.)

Screengrab of the Enquiries page

This will bring up the Turn2us form enquiry form for this enquiry.

Part of the Turn2us Grants Search enquiry form Part of the Turn2us Grants Search enquiry form Part of the Turn2us Grants Search enquiry form

If you are the administrator (provider user) for more than one charity

If you are the provider user for more than one charity, before you do the steps above to select the enquiry you want to look at, you need to choose the particular charity that the enquiry belongs to.

After you have logged in, click 'My Turn2us' on the top bar so that the My Turn2us menu appears. 

You will see a charity dropdown on the left-hand side of the screen. Select the charity you want to administer. (See Screengrab below.)

Screengrab of the My Turn2us menu and multi-fund dropdown menu

Then follow the steps for selecting an enquiry.

Exporting a list of your online enquiries

You can also export a list of the enquiries you have received online through Turn2us for the last 12 months.

When you are logged into your account, go to the Enquiries section of My Turn2us.

Click the link that says 'Export report to excel'. This will create a spreadsheet that you can open or save. (See Screengrabs below.)

Screengrab of Export report to excel link Screengrab of Excel spreadsheet of enquiries

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