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Fashion and Textile Children's Trust Case Study

How an FTCT grant helped Lisa and her twin boys Carone and Cameo

Family on bench

Lisa works part-time in Topshop and contacted FTCT for help to buy new school uniforms and PE kits for her twin boys Cameo and Crone, aged 11 years.

Lisa told FTCT: “At the time I was feeling like a failure. I felt like I couldn’t provide for my children, but then I knew that as a mother I have to do what is best even if that means seeking help from a charity.

“But I found that by asking for help my perception of myself changed and now I feel good about myself. I am proud to know I did the best by my boys. I no longer feel embarrassed, I could tell my friends and family about what I had begun to do and I no longer had to keep my situation hidden.

“I’d say to any other parent who are going through a tough time is DO IT. FTCT is here to help you. They don’t judge and genuinely want to help. A grant from FTCT will give you peace of mind.”