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Vikki's Story

Find out how Vikki, a waitress from Manchester, was helped by Hospitality Action when she was bereaved and then diagnosed with cancer

Photo of Vikki who was helped by Hospitality Action

Kind and caring Vikki has worked in hospitality since she left college. Experienced in pub and bar work, Vikki took on the role as a waitress in a busy restaurant where she has been for the past 21 years.

Sadly the last 12 months have been incredibly tough for Vikki as she left work to care for her mother who was dying of cancer. Heartbroken when her mum passed away, Vikki found a cancerous lump in her own breast, as did her sister. Tragically both siblings underwent mastectomies while, at the same time, attempting to deal with their grief.

Unable to return to work and borrowing money from her friends and family to keep up with her bills, Vikki contacted Hospitality Action for help. The charity gave Vikki a crisis grant to help with her general living costs as she faces more surgery and the long road to recovery.

Vikki says: “Your help means I can afford my bills and pay for my shopping of healthy food and supplements. Thank you!”

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