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Antony Cotton: The Unknown Soldier

Read about the mystery photo that Coronation Street actor and SSAFA Ambassador, Antony Cotton believes may be his maternal great-grandfather

Antony Cotton with the photograph of his unknown relative

“SSAFA not only honours and respects those who are serving today," says Antony Cotton, "It also celebrates those who fought in the past; whether that be in Afghanistan, The Falklands or in the trenches.

“This photograph has been in a photo album at my mum’s house for years and we have never known the identity of this man.  We believe he is my maternal Great Grandfather but as my grandparents died young, no one can verify this.  

“He has become known as ‘The Unknown Solider’ within my family and each year, I visit the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in London and think of him.

“It is incredibly important that families continue to pass down stories and photographs of family members who sacrificed their lives for our country. Our brave soldiers from the First World War through to more recent conflicts must not be forgotten. We will remember them.”