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Life was already difficult for Helen when she separated and eventually divorced from her clergy husband. Things became even harder when she was seriously injured in a life-changing car accident. Although she tried to return to her job, this proved unsuccessful and she was forced to retire early due to ill-health. Her elder child developed complex mental health issues which meant her younger child then became carer for both his mother and sibling. Our gift helped the family out through a very difficult time.


Robert had only recently been ordained as an Anglican priest and was moving to his first clergy position. Although his Diocese gave some help towards removal and resettlement expenses, this did not cover all the costs incurred, and he had no income when he was an ordinand (trainee vicar). Robert previously lived with his parents, so everything had to be purchased for the first time. Our gift helped Robert establish himself in his new home and role.


Margaret has been through a very stressful time. She has recently taken up a new role as associate minister in a busy parish and has also just given birth to her second child. Her older child has serious disabilities, whose care needs mean that Margaret’s husband cannot work full-time, and the family is partly reliant on welfare benefits. Margaret felt pressured by circumstances to return to work full-time after her latest maternity leave, given that the family’s finances were so stretched. Our gift meant that she was able to return to her parish work on an initial part-time basis, allowing her to spend a day a week with her young family.


Philip is a young priest who has been undergoing psychotherapy to cope with a long-term mental health issue. Our support in previous years has led to him reporting a significant improvement in his health and ability to carry on his ministry in his parish. He needs to continue treatment to maintain his improved mental health and we have recently been able to fund further sessions with his therapist.

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