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1. Key features of intermediary accounts

There are certain features for intermediaries on the Turn2us website that are only available if you have a ‘My Turn2us’ intermediaries account.

Benefits Calculator


Access a simple breakdown of how each benefit entitlement in the results page was calculated.

Better off calculations

You can now save unlimited calculations, and compare up to six calculations (scenarios) per client.

View and download previous client calculations.

Download  comparisons of two or more calculations and view in a graph

Grants Search

Some charitable funds on the Turn2us Grants Search database can only be accessed via an application from an intermediary. These funds do not appear on the public part of the Grants Search. However, intermediaries who have registered for an intermediary account with Turn2us are able to see this information when they do a grants search while logged into their 'My Turn2us' account.

Turn2us direct grant-giving funds

Turn2us has three grant-giving funds to help people on low incomes who meet certain qualifying rules: 

If you are an intermediary logged into your intermediary account and you have a client who fits the eligibility criteria for help, you can fill in and submit a full application form online on the Turn2us website to the Elizabeth Finn Fund. If you are a partner for the other two funds, you can also apply online through your intermediary account.

Confidentiality and data protection

All personal details are held in the strictest confidence and in line with our Turn2us Website Privacy Policy.

Our website uses an SSL certificate which makes sure that there is an encrypted connection between the web browser and the server. This means that any personal information that's entered on the website is encrypted when being transferred to the web server.

We have carried out penetration testing where we get a third party company to attempt to hack the website. They report back if there are any vulnerabilities in the site (which there are none).


Passwords are all encrypted within our database which means that even if someone were to access the database, they would not be able to read someone's password.

Protection against cyber attacks/hackers

We have a firewall on our web server which is designed to inspect incoming traffic, weed out any malicious attacks and provides a first line of defence between a potential hacker and the data that we are hosting.

2. Registering and logging in


If you are an intermediary and would like to register for a Turn2us intermediary account, please click on the 'Register' button at the top right hand corner of the website. 

Select the option that says 'Are you working with people in financial need?'

Registering organisation

Before you can register as an intermediary, your organisation must be registered and approved by Turn2us.

If your organisation or branch is not listed on our system, you can request for it to be added.

The organisation is the main office of the charity/company that operates independently.

Branches may be a separate office, department, team or scheme with an organisation.

An example would be Save the Children UK. The main office would be the 'organisation' and the local offices it has across the UK would be the 'branches' (as they operate according to the main office policies and procedures).

Some charities have independent offices, such as Citizens Advice. In this case, the organisation would be the main office of the local Citizens Advice bureau.

If your organisation listed, you can carry on registering for an intermediary account.

If your organisation isn't listed, click the ‘I can't find my organisation’ button and fill in the 'Request a new organisation' form that appears. A form asking you to add branch details on the form will then appear.

Once you have submitted this form, the system lets you set up an intermediary account.

Turn2us will check the details of your 'new organisation' form and may contact you if we have any questions about your organisation.

When we have approved your organisation, you and your colleagues will be able to register for a Turn2us intermediary account.

Logging in

To login, you will need your username (your email address) and the password you created when you set up the account.

To log in, please click on the ‘Login’ button at the top right corner of the website and enter your login details on the page that appears.

3. Verifying intermediaries

There are two types of intermediary user:

  • Standard intermediary: who can access only their own clients, enquiries and benefits calculations. This is the type of user you will be when you first register.

  • Verified intermediary: who can access clients, enquiries and benefit calculations of any member of staff or volunteer from their organisation/branch. You become this type of user once someone from your organisation who is already 'verified' approves your account. If you are the first intermediary who registers for a newly created organisation, you will automatically become a verified user.

4. Sharing an intermediary account

We recommend that each person from an organisation has their own intermediary account.

  • Only one person can log into an account at a time so multiple users would not all be able to use the tools at the same time

  • There will be no audit trail on who does what if several people use the same account

  • If one person changes the password, the rest of the group will be locked out.

5. Accessing your clients

After logging into your Turn2us Intermediary Account, you can add clients to your records. You will be able to save details of any benefits calculations and grants searches you do on their behalf.

To access your saved clients, click My Turn2us on the main navigation bar, then click 'clients'. Scroll down to add a new client.

If you click 'View client details', a page containing information about the client will appear. The clients name will not be displayed. You can check it by clicking 'Show client name'.

On this page, there are various potions you can choose:

  • Client notes

  • Enquiries sent

  • Benefit calculations

  • Edit Client

  • Delete Client.


You can send and receive messages through your Turn2us Intermediaries Account.

To access the Messages page, hover over the 'My Turn2us' option on the main navigation bar and click 'Messages'.

You can delete or archive messages by clicking the tick box by the relevant message. You can view archived messages by clicking the Archive option at the top.

6. Updating your details

You can update your details and preferences or ask us to make changes to your profile or to delete your Turn2us Intermediary Account.

When you are logged into your account, hover over the 'My Turn2us' option on the main menu bar and select 'Update Your Details' from the Intermediary Account menu.

Changes Turn2us has to make to your profile

There are three changes that you can't make yourself for data protection reasons. Instead you need to request a change:

  • Change your organisation or branch

  • Delete your account

  • Request organisation-wide access to the Benefits Calculator/client data.

You can request these changes by clicking on the links on the 'Update Your Details' page


7. Applying for Turn2us grants

Turn2us gives direct grants to people in financial need through three funds:

Each has its own eligibility criteria and application process. To apply for the Turn2us Edinburgh Trust and the Turn2us Response Fund, you have to be from an approved organisation.

Online applications using your Turn2us Intermediary Account

If you are an intermediary logged into your intermediary account and you have a client who fits the eligibility criteria for help, you can fill in and submit a full application form online on the Turn2us website.

Go to the My Turn2us menu and choose the 'Online Grant Applications'.

8. Turn2us charging policy

Turn2us Intermediary Benefit Calculator

Commercial organisations and some Housing Associations that fit the criteria for our charging policy are charged £100 plus VAT annually for each Intermediary Benefit Calculator licence.

Turn2us Grants Search Tool for Intermediaries

This is free to use for all organisations registered as an intermediary with Turn2us.

Further information

Please contact the Commercial Partnerships team if you would like further information about fees for Turn2us Intermediary Benefit Calculator licences or workshops.