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Projects and Partnerships

Beating poverty is only possible by working together. We work in partnership with charities around the UK on targeted work to assist people who are struggling to get by. Learn more about our funded work and Response Fund partners.

Turn2us works with a range of national and local organisations to help us reach more people who are struggling financially. Through our funded projects we've trained and supported thousands of frontline advisers, caseworkers and volunteers from charities, public and private organisations across the UK.

Comic Relief

Since March 2015, with the support of Comic Relief, Turn2us has been delivering free workshops and presentations across the North East of England to help organisations who support individuals who are struggling financially to access potential benefits and grants they may be eligible for through using Turn2us tools and resources.

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Through our workshops and presentations we teach staff and volunteers at frontline organisations:

  • How to use the Turn2us Intermediaries Benefits Calculator to find out someone’s entitlement and complete better-off calculations using case studies
  • How to use the Turn2us grants search database to access financial and non-financial support for your clients’ situation
  • What makes a good grant application and what most funders look for in an application.
  • Where to find the latest information on benefit changes including the roll out of universal credit, localised council tax support and housing benefit.

The Comic Relief Project has allowed Turn2us to meet the needs of low income groups by developing the capacity of under resourced charities in the North East, in turn enabling more of the regions 466,000 income deprived individuals to achieve greater financial security.

Our work with Comic Relief has allowed us to provide digital development support for up to 60 partner organisations to improve their web-based income maximisation support, through embedding key Turn2us online tools.

This project concludes on 31 March 2019.

Local Projects

We have gratefully received grants from local trusts in areas around the UK to train target groups of intermediaries on the Turn2us tools. Without the support of trusts and foundations, we would be able to run far fewer workshops for frontline staff and volunteers.

Thank you to:

The Hugh Fraser Foundation – Supporting organisations in  Glasgow and West Scotland

The Pilkington Charities – Training organisations in the Liverpool and Merseyside area

Computershare – Training community organisations in Cardiff and Bristol

The John James Bristol Foundation – Helping organisations operating for the people of Bristol

The Kate Wilson Oliver Trust – Training organisations who help older or disabled people in the West Midlands

The Martin Connell Charitable Trust – Training organisations who help older people in Fife and Aberdeenshire

If it sounds like your organisation fits the criteria for one of our funded projects, please get in touch  to discuss how we can work together.

Our Response Fund Partners

The Turn2us Response Fund supports people when they need it most. Any of our lives can be turned upside down as a result of a sudden illness, job loss or relationship breakdown. But too often we see these life events trap people in poverty. The fund gives targeted financial support to help individuals make ends meet when they are coping with a life-changing event which has occurred in the last 12 months. Grants are provided for specific needs that are essential to the financial stability, wellbeing, and independence, to maintain normal daily living.

Working in partnership with selected organisations allows us to direct help where and when it is needed most. Applications to the Response Fund can only be made through intermediaries, as the expectation is that the intermediary will already have completed their own assessment of the individual/family prior to making an application, shortening the application process for a one-off grant from the Response Fund.  All Intermediary partners organisations are asked to sign an accredited partner letter of understanding and attend our free workshop on the grants.

Read the list of Turn2us Response Fund partners