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Retail Sector Support

The retail sector has been severely affected recently, particularly because of the coronavirus pandemic, with a number of large retailers being added to the latest potential store closures.

If you work in retail, find out what help might be available.

Shop assistants in a clothes store

Charitable funds

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Use our Grant Search to see which charitable funds you may eligible to apply to. Please use the Occupation and Health filters to look for funds relating to other jobs you may have worked in and your health condition.

Charitable funds that help people who work in the retail sector include:


RetailTRUST is the only charity that looks after all 4.5 million people working in retail plus those retired from the sector and its associated businesses. One-off grants are available for people in need and their dependents who have worked in the retail, wholesale, manufacturing and distribution trades.

Fashion and Textile Children's Trust (FTCT)

The Fashion & Textile Children's Trust provides financial grants for children (up to 18 years) whose parent/carer works or has previously worked in the UK fashion and textile industry - for at least one year within the last 9 years.

It also supports parents who work, or have worked, in supermarkets that sell a clothing line. You don't have to work directly in the clothing section to be able to apply.

Fashion and Textile Children's Trust: Get Help

Footwear Friends

Footwear Friends is a charity which provides financial assistance to people who work or have worked in the Shoe Trade (normally for at least five years) but have fallen on hard times. This includes people who have worked in the footwear industry in design, manufacture, distribution, retail or repair.


GroceryAid helps grocery colleagues who are currently working (for at least two years) or have previously worked (for at least five years) in any part of the grocery industry including retail, wholesale, distribution and manufacturing. This includes the largest factory through the supply chain to the smallest stores.

NewstrAid Benevolent Fund

NewstrAid helps individuals, and their immediate dependants, who have been employed in newspaper and magazine distribution in the UK for at least five years and are not currently trading or working. For example, NewstrAid helps shop assistants, newsagents, wholesaler employees and delivery drivers.

Rainy Day Trust

Rainy Day Trust helps past and present employees of the home improvement and enhancement supply industry. This includes people who have worked in the UK as manufacturers, distributors or retailers in builders' merchants, cookshops, Do-It-Yourself (DIY) shops and outlets, hardware stores, garden centres, pottery/glass, manufacturers and distributors.




Emergency help

Advice and Support

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Low Incomes Tax Reform Group has a coronavirus, tax and related benefits information section on its website,