One Day Changes Lives Campaign


“It’s not just about me getting out and having a chitchat here there and everywhere, I'm better for it and feel happier in myself."

Hayley, grant recipient

On 22 January, charities across the UK will come together to show how they are changing lives every day by sharing case studies and stories of how their support has helped those in need. This is part of the One Day Changes Lives campaign set up by the Association of Charitable Organisations (ACO), which represents more than 100 grant-giving charities, including Turn2us.

Nearly half a million people turned to charities for help in just one year

Research from the Association of Charitable Organisations (ACO) shows the number of people seeking help from charities and benevolent funds has risen over the last four years. The reasons why help is needed vary but life-changing events, such as bereavement, job loss, illness/disability, caring for someone or family breakdown, are often at the heart of applicants' financial struggles.

A recent survey of ACO members showed that more than 100,000 people applied for financial help in the last financial year. When taking into account the whole membership, it is estimated ACO member charities will have supported at least 400,000 people in need.

In 2015, the charities distributed more than £56 million in grants. In comparison, this rose to more than £60 million last year - £216 million when applied to ACO's entire membership.

What do charitable funds do?

Charitable funds give grants to people in financial need who meet their qualifying rules (eligibility criteria). These will be specific to them. However, most of them assist people experiencing financial hardship who have something in common - occupations, industries, health conditions, faiths, nationalities, locations, ages or genders.

Each charitable fund is very individual in the way that it works and the types of support it gives. Although the financial help offered is usually through grants, many funds also give other support, such as advice and services.

One Day Changes Lives campaign

Through its One Day Changes Lives campaign, the ACO is highlighting the work done by its member charities by sharing the stories of people whose lives were turned around thanks to the support they received.

These show how an individual act of support granted by a charity one day can have a huge impact in improving someone’s life. Together, individual acts by ACO charities amount to a colossal positive impact on society.

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Hayley and Camilla are just two of the people that Turn2us has helped. You can read their stories by clicking on the panels on the right-hand side of this page.

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