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  • Benefits-and-Coronavirus-Help-for-Employees

    Employees experiencing financial problems due to coronavirus Coronavirus and the need to stay at home to avoid spreading illness has meant  lots of businesses have closed and people are struggling. The government has set up new support schemes to help people who are strugglin...

  • Our grant-making during the pandemic

    We take a closer look at the 7,734 people who have received grants from us during the coronavirus outbreak.

  • Mental health and coronavirus

    We take a look at how our service users’ wellbeing has been affected by the coronavirus crisis .

  • Anne

    Anne, a single mother of two young children aged four and six, had worked in sales full time for the same company for nearly 19 years when she was made redundant at short notice just before Christmas 2012. Living only on her redundancy payment and some child maintenance from ...

  • Turn2us Funds

    Turn2us supports people in financial need through the Turn2us Elizabeth Finn Fund, Turn2us Response Fund and Turn2us Edinburgh Trust. The Edinburgh Response Fund for Covid-19 is open for people living in the Edinburgh area. Please note that our Helpline cannot answer any ques...

  • Turn2us Elizabeth Finn Fund

    Providing direct grants for people who have a professional background and their dependants The Elizabeth Finn Fund is temporarily closed for new enquiries and applications for a period in July due to large number of outstanding applications. We will reopen later in the month....