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  • Budgeting Loan/Advance

    A budgeting loan/advance is a loan to pay for certain essentials

  • Energy Efficiency

    Support with efficiency improvements in your owned or rented home. March 2022: This guide is currently under review and may be subject to updates in the near future.

  • How do I claim Child Disability Payment?

    You can apply for Child Disability Payment online on the website. You can apply by phone on 0800 182 2222. You will then be sent a paper form to fill in. You can get help from an adviser to apply for Child Disability Payment

  • Claimed benefits and waiting for my first Universal Credit payment

    When you first claim Universal Credit, you have to wait five weeks for your first payment. While you are waiting for your first payment, you can ask for a Universal Credit Advance. An Advance is an interest-free loan which you pay back over 24 months. You can ask for an Advan...

  • Help from the local council if you are ill, injured or have a disability

    If you have an illness or a disability, you may need help to continue living at home. These services can be provided by your local council.

  • Can't pay my rent or mortgage

    If you are worried about being able to pay your rent, first make sure you are getting all the help you’re entitled to. Next, get in touch with your landlord to let them know what is happening. If your landlord is not being understanding, get advice on what you should do.  If ...

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  • How much Carer's Allowance will I get?

    Carer's Allowance is money that you can spend as you want. The weekly rate is £69.70. Even if you don't receive a payment of Carer's Allowance due to overlapping benefit rules, entitlement to it allows you to get an extra amount, called 'Carer's Premium or Addition', as part ...

  • How much Early Learning Payment will I get?

    Applies to: Scotland If you are entitled to an Early Learning Payment, you will get £267.65 for each child you can get the payment for.

  • How is an overpayment recovered?

    Making deductions from your benefit payments Taking it out of benefits that are owed to you, such as arrears Taking amounts directly out of your wages Getting a court order for debt recovery. If money is being deducted from your New Style Jobseeker's Allowance (JSA), the ...