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  • Maternity Allowance

    Maternity Allowance is a weekly payment for some women who are pregnant or have recently given birth.

  • Personal Independence Payment (PIP)

    Personal Independence Payment (PIP) is money for people who have extra care needs or mobility needs (difficulty getting around) as a result of a disability. PIP is replacing Disability Living Allowance for people aged 16-64.

  • Presence and Residence Tests

    To get most benefits you have to be present in the UK and pass tests regarding your residency. This guide explains more about this.

  • Short Term Benefit Advance

    A Short-Term Benefit Advance is paid as a loan, which has to be paid back out of your future benefit payments.

  • State Pension age changes

    State Pension age is the earliest age at which you can get your State Pension. The age for men and women is changing. Read this guide to find out more.

  • Asylum Seekers

    There are special rules about benefits for asylum seekers waiting for a decision on an asylum application.

  • Attendance Allowance

    Attendance Allowance is money for people aged 65 or over who have care needs because of physically or mental disability.

  • Benefit Cap

    The Benefit Cap is a limit to the total amount in some benefits that working-age people can receive, even if their full entitlement would otherwise be higher.

  • Benefits Overpayment

    Guide to Benefits Overpayments, what they are, why they happen and what you should do if you have been overpaid

  • Armed Forces Compensation Scheme

    The Armed Forces Compensation Scheme provides financial help if you have an illness or injury caused by service in the Armed Forces on or after 6 April 2005.