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  • UK and Multiple Nation Wide Schemes

    Finding a job and employment adviceHelp to get into Work - Jobcentre Schemes  Flexible Support Fund (UK wide)Contact Your Jobcentre Plus/Jobs and Benefits officeApprenticeshipsTax IssuesYoung peopleOlder peopleArmed Forces Serving Personnel and VeteransBenefits The following...

  • Self Employment National Schemes

    Gov. UK: Business and Self employedLow Income Tax Reform Group guide to self employmentSelf Employment and Benefits Reviewed: April 2022

  • Transport Costs National Schemes

    Unemployed people who are claiming benefits can get a free Railcard which gives a 50% discount on selected rail tickets. If you are under 25, you need to have been unemployed for between 3 and 9 months. If you are over 25, you need to have been unemployed for between 3 an...

  • Prisoners on release

    This guide tells you what benefits you can get if you are on release from prison

  • Prisoners on remand

    Check what benefits you can get if you are a prisoner on remand

  • Asylum Seekers

    There are special rules about benefits for asylum seekers waiting for a decision on an asylum application.

  • Habitual Residence Test

    All claimants have to pass or be exempt from the Habitual Residence Test in order to claim certain benefits and Tax Credits.

  • Presence and Residence Tests

    To get most benefits you have to be present in the UK and pass tests regarding your residency. This guide explains more about this.

  • Right to Reside

    Your right to reside is your legal right to live in the UK. There are lots of different rights to reside and you may have more than one.

  • Refugee leave and humanitarian protection

    This guide gives information on the definition of a refugee, when they can claim benefits and which ones.