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  • How do I claim?

    Contact your local council’s social services department to get a Carer's Assessment.

  • Further information

    NHS Choices information on Carers' Assessments A local carers centre or Citizens Advice bureau should be able to advice you further. You can use our Find an Adviser tool to find a local one or use Carers Trust Find local care and carers support tool Last reviewed: Februa...

  • What schemes are available?

    Universal Jobmatch is a Government website to help people find jobs. You can use it to: Search for jobs Create and upload your CV Get email alerts about jobs Apply for jobs online Keep a record of your job search activity. You can find Universal Jobmatch through the Gov....

  • How do I join a scheme?

    Contact your local Jobcentre Plus or Jobs and Benefits office in Northern Ireland to join one of these schemes.

  • Further information information on Help with moving from benefits to work

  • Checking benefit entitlement

    It can be complicated to work out what you are entitled to. You can use our Benefit Calculator to check your entitlement to means-tested benefits. The results page will tell you which means-tested benefits and tax credits you may be entitled to and how much you may receive. I...

  • How long does it take to process a claim?

    The time taken to process a benefit claim can vary depending on the benefit being claimed and which benefit office deals with the claim. For all benefits, you can help make sure your claim is processed as quickly as possible by completing the claim thoroughly and providing an...

  • Challenges and complaints

    There is a process for challenging most benefit and tax credit decisions and all local authorities and statutory organisations have a procedure in place for raising a complaint. Discover the steps you can take if you are unhappy with a benefit or tax credit decision, or the ...

  • Change in circumstances

    It is very important to let the relevant benefit office know when there has been a change in your circumstances which could affect your benefit entitlement. This is because your benefits depend on the information you gave when you made your claim. When you make a claim y...

  • Benefits - Partner in prison

    You will now be treated as a single person or lone parent so you may become entitled to one of the following benefits for the first time:Income SupportIncome based Jobseeker's AllowanceIncome-related Employment and Support AllowanceUniversal CreditPension Credit  If you alrea...