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  • Short Term Benefit Advance

    A Short-Term Benefit Advance is paid as a loan, which has to be paid back out of your future benefit payments.

  • State Pension age changes

    State Pension age is the earliest age at which you can get your State Pension. The age for men and women is changing. Read this guide to find out more.

  • Sure Start Maternity Grant

    A Sure Start Maternity Grant can help with the costs of a new-born or adopted baby.

  • Universal Credit (UC) timetable

    The rolling out of the full digital service of Universal Credit to all areas of the country was completed on 12 December 2018 for new claims or for people having to make a new claim due to a change of circumstance. This guides provides information on the next stages and give...

  • Challenging a Universal Credit decision

    If you think a Universal Credit decision is wrong, you may be able to ask for an explanation, have the decision looked at again or appeal against the decision

  • Universal Credit Advance

    When you first make a claim for Universal Credit you will have to wait around five weeks for your first payment. If you face financial hardship during this period of time you can request an Advance Payment of Universal Credit.

  • Universal Credit (UC) transitional protection

    Transitional Protection is an extra 'transitional' amount which tops up your Universal Credit award so that you are not worse off when you move onto Universal Credit.

  • Universal Credit (UC) housing costs element

    Universal Credit (UC) housing costs element can help with rent and some service charges if you are a tenant. If you are a homeowner you can receive help with your mortgage interest payments in the form of a Support for Mortgage Interest Loan.

  • Work Capability Assessment

    Find out more about the Work Capability Assessment for Employment and Support Allowance

  • Armed Forces Compensation Scheme

    The Armed Forces Compensation Scheme provides financial help if you have an illness or injury caused by service in the Armed Forces on or after 6 April 2005.