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  • Prisoners on release

    This guide provides information about the benefits which may be available to you if you are on release from prison, depending on your personal circumstances.

  • Prisoners on remand

    Entitlement to most benefits ceases or is suspended while you are on remand. Most benefits are paid in arrears, so you may be owed some benefits payments. You should inform the office that pays your benefit of your change of circumstances and request the arrears be paid to ...

  • Prisoners serving a sentence

    Your entitlement to most benefits stops while serving a custodial sentence in prison as a result of a criminal conviction. If you are claiming benefits and about to go into prison or you are on remand, you should contact the office that pays your benefit as soon as possible...

  • Refugee leave and humanitarian protection

    This guide gives information on the definition of a refugee, when they can claim benefits and which ones.

  • Right to Reside

    Your right to reside is your legal right to live in the UK. There are lots of different rights to reside and you may have more than one.

  • Scottish Welfare Fund

    The Scottish Welfare Fund is made up of two types of grants which do not have to be repaid - Crisis Grants and Community Care Grants. Crisis Grants are intended to provide a safety net in an emergency when there is an immediate threat to health and safety. Community Care...

  • Self employment and benefits

    If you or your partner are working, or thinking of starting work, as a self employed person you might qualify for welfare benefits to top up your income.The benefits you are entitled to will depend on a number of things, including your age, the number of hours you work and how...

  • Budgeting Loan/Advance

    A Budgeting Loan is extra money on top of your benefits to help pay for certain essentials. You have to pay back a Budgeting Loan. A Budgeting Advance is an extra amount of Universal Credit to help you pay for certain expenses. You have to pay back a Budgeting Advance.

  • Shared Parental Leave and Pay

    Shared Parental Leave was introduced together with Statutory Shared Parental Pay on 5 April 2015 as part of the Government’s policy package aimed at encouraging shared parenting from the earliest stages of pregnancy and adoption.

  • Statutory Adoption Pay

    If you adopt a child you may qualify for Statutory Adoption Pay during your adoption leave from work.