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Older person (60+)

Find out what help may be available to you from benefits, grants and other resources.



To check what benefits you might be entitled to quickly and easily you can use the Turn2us Benefits Calculator

Turn2us Benefits Calculator

To read more about the benefits available for older people select from the list below:

Pension Credit - If you are a woman that has reached State Pension age or a man who has reached the State Pension age of a woman born on the same day and in the same year as you.

Pension Credit is made up of 2 parts a Guarantee Credit and Savings Credit . If you are on a low income the Guarantee Pension Credit tops up your weekly income to a guaranteed level.The savings credit is for people who have a small amount of their own income or savings.

State Retirement Pension - If you have reached State Pension age and have paid enough national insurance contributions or our covered by your husband or wife’s or civil partner’s contributions.

Winter Fuel Payments - If you have reached Pension Credit age you will qualify for a payment  in the qualifying week for the winter concerned

If you have care needs and are 65 or over, see our Attendance Allowance guide, if you are under 65 see our Personal Independence Payment guide.

You may also be eligible for help with housing costs.

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To find out what help may be available from grant giving charities you can use the Turn2us Grants Search

Turn2us Grants Search

Advice and Support

Turn2us are unable to offer advice on individual situations, to find an adviser in your area to discuss your situation with you can use the Turn2us Find an Adviser tool

Find an Adviser

Useful resources

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