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In work - on a low income

If you are in work but on a low income there may be benefits, grants or other financial support available to you.



To check what benefits you might be entitled to quickly and easily you can use the Turn2us Benefits Calculator

Turn2us Benefits Calculator

To read more about the benefits available for people who are  in work but on a low income select from the list below:

Working Tax Credit - if you are 16 or over (in some circumstances you must be 25) employed or self-employed and work a certain number of hours a week and are on a low income.

Self-employment and benefits - If you or your partner are working, or thinking of starting work, as a self-employed person you might qualify for benefits to top up your income. The benefits you are entitled to will depend on your circumstances (your age, the number of hours you work and how much you earn.)

If you are working less than 16 hours a week you may be able to claim Jobseeker's Allowance.

Universal Credit will eventually replace Working Tax Credit and Jobseeker's Allowance but is only available to jobseekers in certain areas at this time.

You may also be eligible for help with housing costs.

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To find out what help may be available from grant giving charities you can use the Turn2us Grants Search

Turn2us Grants Search

Advice and Support

Turn2us are unable to offer advice on individual situations, to find an adviser in your area to discuss your situation with you can use the Turn2us Find an Adviser tool

Find an Adviser