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Armed Forces Compensation Scheme

What is the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme?

The Armed Forces Compensation Scheme provides financial help if you have an illness or injury caused by service in the Armed Forces on or after 6 April 2005.

It can also help if you are the spouse or civil partner of a service person whose death was caused by service. In the case of unmarried partners, a substantial relationship must be demonstrated.

The Armed Forces Compensation Scheme consists of weekly payments and lump sum payments.

The weekly payment for serving personnel or veterans is known as a Guaranteed Income Payment (GIP) or there is a Survivor's Guaranteed Income Payment (SGIP) for surviving spouses or civil partners.

Applies to: England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland

Age Rules: You must be of the legal age to join the Armed Forces

Type: Non means tested

Taxable: No - for those who have served

Administered by: Veterans UK