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Railway Benefit Fund website

RBF is the national charity supporting current and former railway workers and their families through the relief of short and long term poverty and provision of appropriate and individual wellbeing support and advice.  

The charity has been helping railway people for over 150 years, improving the quality of life of current and former railway people in the UK through the provision of customised support. Assistance is provided in many forms, on a short or long term basis, and is specifically tailored to an individual’s situation.

Where we are today

Today the RBF is managed by a board of active and retired senior railway managers, and enjoys cross-industry support.

The charity relaunched on the 28 February, 2006 under the name of the Railway Benefit Fund, and is now widely known as the RBF.
June 2014 saw the launch of a fresh new identity for the charity in keeping with the modern world in which it now operates - and in which it continues to support railway workers in need.

How can we help you?

If you are a current or former railway employee - or a spouse, partner or dependent member of their family - we can offer you information, advice, financial assistance and online support. Grants may be given to help with items such as mobility aids, funeral costs, housing repairs, housing adaptations and debt.

We are a charity that prides on supporting the whole railways network family.

Examples of people helped by RBF

If you want to see the impact we have on people's lives, check out the RBF YouTube channel.

Further information

If you have any further questions, please call us on 01270 251316 or email us at:

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Date of publication: October 2015