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The purpose of this summary is to provide an introduction to Turn2us’s safeguarding approach and policy. The full policy can be found by contacting the Turn2us Safeguarding Officer (

Our commitments

Turn2us wants to enable an environment where everyone is kept safe from harm and can thrive. We are committed to safeguarding everyone involved in our charity and the work we do. This means that as an organisation we commit to protecting everyone who comes into contact with Turn2us, or who is employed by the charity, from different forms of injustice, discrimination, and abuse.

Our safeguarding culture

We know safeguarding incidents are more likely to occur where a person or groups of people hold power over others. We are especially committed to supporting those who are in situations where they are less able to protect their rights. Often the most at-risk and marginalised people within our communities experience the consequences of not holding power in society (older adults, children, women, people with disabilities) and are at a greater risk of harm as a result.

Turn2us wants to work with everyone to create a safe environment where:

  • Harm, exploitation, and abuse are prevented
  • Our colleagues and people for whom we exist feel supported to thrive
  • Personnel and people for whom we exist feel safe raising concerns and complaints
  • Causes of harm, exploitation, and abuse are well understood
  • It is recognised across the organisation that safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility

Turn2us will not tolerate harm, exploitation, or abuse in any form by or to our personnel and will apply the proportionate disciplinary action where breach of our safeguarding policy has occurred.

Protecting survivors and those who have experienced harm

We take a survivor centred approach to handling all safeguarding concerns. This means that:

  • The safety and wellbeing of the survivor is central to this process and as part of our survivor-centred approach, they will be informed and supported in the most appropriate way about the best approach for them. 
  • The survivor will be involved in the decisions regarding if, when, and how to make a report and taking formal action.

Keeping people safe

  • Turn2us recognises that safeguarding our personnel, people for whom we exist, children, and adults at-risk, must be integral to our work and that any of these people can be harmed as a result of poorly designed programmes, projects, and related activities.
  • We ensure coproduction with lived experts in assessing, planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating our working practises.
  • All personnel will complete safeguarding training that explains the Turn2us safeguarding approach and policyin the context of their work, their responsibilities, types and symptoms of abuse, how to raise concerns and complaints, and the organisational incident management process. Training will also explain Turn2us’s whistleblowing process, statutory obligations, and legislation that governs safeguarding in the UK.

What to do if you have a safeguarding concern?

If an adult or child is in immediate danger, you should always call the emergency services on 999.

If you are concerned that Turn2us or one of its representatives is endangering the safety or wellbeing of others, please contact

If you are worried that an adult is at risk of abuse or harm, you can visit the NHS website for further advice and contact information.

If you are worried that a child is at risk of abuse or harm,  you can call the NSPCC adult helpline for confidential advice on 0808 800 5000.


Updated December 2020