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The Teaching Staff Trust

Providing financial help to people working or who have retired from working in education for under-19s

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The Teaching Staff Trust is a new voluntary organisation that provides financial support to people from the field of education.

We are happy to receive applications from anyone who works, or who has worked in schools or nurseries – anyone who is, or has been, involved in working with the under 19s.

Widening the field of our giving

We were formed from SGBI, which was a charity that, in recent years, gave grants to women working in independent education. The Trustees chose to widen the field of our giving as the “independent” was very arbitrary (we could assist a teaching assistant from an academy but not one in a local authority maintained school for instance). They also decided that, although the roots of SGBI were in working specifically for women, there was no compelling reason to continue to do so.

We know that there are a very large number of people in education who live on low wages. Learning Support, Teaching Assistants and Lunchtime Supervisors, for example, are often on a salary below the National Living Wage (as per the Living Wage Foundation). This is often compounded by the fact that these staff do not get paid for school holidays, so are effectively paid as part time.

There are also a very large group of people who work in nurseries who are on low wages and, since we opened up our applications to nursery workers, we have had a steady stream of enquiries from them.

We aim to give grants that make a real difference to people - by lifting them out of debt, assisting them stay in their home or by helping them to get or keep a job.

Retirees from education

TST continues to support a number of retired teachers who were long term beneficiaries of SGBI and the Schoolmasters and Schoolmistresses Society (SOSS). We are very keen that we continue to support retirees from education. Often this group will look for grants based on their age, without thinking about opportunities related to their previous field of work.

Assessing applications

We work to keep the balance between flexibility and fairness in dealing with applications. We will engage in discussion with applicants to ensure that we make the most effective grant. We do our best to ensure that we do not take a “cookie cutter” approach. All applications are considered carefully. We will acknowledge all applications within three working days and we aim to have a response to the applicant within four weeks of receiving the completed application form.

Other services

Along with grants, we also provide a rent deposit guarantee service. With this we can make an agreement with landlords on behalf of an applicant which enables them to move into a new home without having to find the cash for a deposit.

Recently we have contracted with Lionheart, the benevolent fund of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, to provide an advice service to some of our applicants who need extra assistance.

A message for other grant-giving charities

If you receive an application from someone who has worked in education and you are looking for a partner charity to co-fund grants with, please do contact us.

Contact us

For more information, see the Teaching Staff Trust's website

You can also phone us on: 01322 293822.

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