Leave your legacy with a gift in your will

Pledge a gift in your will today and support the financial security of future generations. 


How do you want to be remembered?

Having an up-to-date will makes sure your wishes are followed and you are contributing to the financial security of the people and organisations you care about. You can make a simple will for free today through the Turn2us partnership with Make A Will Online.

Leave a gift in your will and make a lasting difference. Ensure your values live on and get a solicitor-checked will for free with Make A Will Online.

Make a will for free today

Gifts in wills make up over a quarter of the voluntary income received by Turn2us, making those of you who make the decision to leave a gift some of our most valued supporters.

Your guide to leaving a gift in your will

  1. Download and read our guide to writing your will.
  2. Speak to a will-writer or solicitor or use our free will writing service.
  3. Let us know you are thinking of leaving a gift to Turn2us, so we can say thank you.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your gift or the process, please email If you already have a will, please consult your solicitor about the best way of changing it.

The different types of gifts you can leave in your will

These gifts can be written into a simple will using the suggested wording shown in the Information to give your solicitor section below.

This is called a “residuary gift” and is written as a percentage of your estate. By leaving a residuary gift you can be reassured that the value of your gift won’t be devalued by inflation the way a set sum of money is. 

This is called a “pecuniary gift”. It can either be a specific amount that does not change over time, or you can specify that it is an “index-linked pecuniary gift” meaning the value is linked to the retail price index. This means any amount pledged will keep its value in line with inflation.

You can also gift specific items such as jewellery, art, stocks and shares, or a property. These gifts can be a little more complex and we recommend speaking to a solicitor for advice on the wording for your specific situation. 

You can leave a gift for some to use over a period of time and when the time has ended the gift can be passed on to another recipient, such as a charity. 

These are gifts made only in the event of something else happening. For example your will could state that a gift to a charity only applies if other beneficiaries in your will die before you. 

Information to give your solicitor 

If you are already working with a solicitor to write your will and wish to leave a gift to Turn2us, this is the information they will need. 

Official charity name: Elizabeth Finn Care 
Registered address: Hythe House, 200 Shepherds Bush Road, London W6 7NL 
Registered charity number: 207812 in England and Wales, SC040987 in Scotland 

An example of wording you could use is: 

I leave (insert amount or specific item) / X share (s) of my residuary estate for Elizabeth Finn Care, also known as Turn2us, Hythe House, 200 Shepherds Bush Road, London W6 7NL, registered charity number 207812 in England and Wales/SC040987 in Scotland, absolutely for its general charitable purposes and I declare that the receipt of the treasurer or other proper officer for the time being shall be a sufficient discharge to my executors.  

All this information has been put in a downloadable document for you to easily send or give to your solicitor.

Download this document to send or give to your solicitor

If you are happy to share that you’ve left a gift to Turn2us in your will we would love to know. Not only will this help us plan for the future it also means we can thank you properly for your support. Anything you tell us will be confidential and not legally binding. You can get in touch at

Free Wills Offer

Turn2us has partnered with online free will writing service Make A Will Online to offer our valued supporters in England and Wales the opportunity to write or update their will free of charge.

Image of options on Solicitor check/advice, Quick and easy online process, Protect your will from challenge FREE, Trusted by 1000s since 2008, £2m insurance


Every will is fully checked by a Solicitors Regulation Authority registered solicitor. Married or couples in civil partnerships can even make a pair or set of mirror wills. You will also be able to access Capacity Vault - the best way to protect the wishes in your will for free.

You don’t have to include a gift to Turn2us to use our free will writing offer, but we hope you’ll consider a gift to support future generations achieve financial stability and security. Even a gift of just 1% makes a huge difference. 

Your data

When you make a will online using the above link we find out when a will is made, any residuary gift and the value of any cash pledges. You can also opt in to share your name and contact details with us. All of this is extremely useful. If you don’t want to share this information you don’t have to. You can use this link to make a will online without sharing anything. Whichever way you leave a gift in your will to us we are extremely grateful. Thank you!

When to speak to a solicitor

If you would rather speak to a solicitor face to face then you should do this. You should also do this if you have a high value estate, or if you have other complexities in your estate.  You can use the Solicitors Regulation Authority website to find a solicitor. Where there is a worry due to medication or a dementia related illness we always suggest speaking with a solicitor face to face.

Information for Executors

If you are looking to make a payment from a will please contact our legacy team on with the following details:

  • The full name of the deceased
  • Their last address – this will also allow us to prevent any future mailings to their home, as we know this can be distressing at a difficult time
  • Their date of death
  • The will clause where our legacy is mentioned
  • Your name and address
  • The amount of the gift and the approximate date of payment

After we receive this information, we will then contact you to provide our bank details and check whether you would like to receive a thank you letter by email or post. If any other information about the estate is needed by our charity’s auditors, we will let you know at that time.

How do I know if a gift is meant for Turn2us?

Please note that in older Wills we may have been previously identified as the Distressed Gentlefolk’s Aid Association (DGAA). In January 2000 the Association officially changed its name from the DGAA to Elizabeth Finn Trust and in October 2005 again to Elizabeth Finn Care. Our current registered name in Elizabeth Finn Care but we are trading as Turn2us. 

The name changes have not affected our charitable status and the charity’s registration numbers under the Charities Commission and with the Companies Registry have not altered (207812 in England and Wales/SC040987 in Scotland).