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Response published: 4 October 2012

In July 2012 the Government consulted key stakeholders about its proposal to discontinue the publication of Income Related Benefits: Estimates of Take-up. This would mean that statistics highlighting the numbers of people claiming means-tested benefits would no longer be available.

The Government has said this is necessary because:

  • The need to focus on the other national statistics means there are reduced numbers of statistical staff
  • Some take-up statistics are wide ranging whilst others have small sample sizes so their usefulness is limited
  • The relevance of the statistics is also limited, as the Universal Credit will replace means-tested benefits from October 2013.

Turn2us responded to the consultation as this is something which affects the charity and our service users.

Key points

The key points of our response are listed below:

  • Identifying and awareness: The statistics allow Turn2us to identify under-claiming trends, as well as provide an insight into the barriers around uptake.
  • Tailor services: The statistics allow Turn2us to tailor our services to maximise resource and ensure those most in need are helped.
  • Transparency: Turn2us believes that these statistics are important in demonstrating openness and transparency within government which is committed to through the Coalition Agreement.

Read Turn2us's response to the income related benefits estimates of take up (PDF_file_size_40kb)

Way forward

A report on the results from the consultation process is published on the statistics section of the Department for Work and Pensions website.

Last updated: 4 February 2015