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Our Model of Thriving

Together with academics at the Bennett Institute for Public Policy and people with lived experience of financial hardship at Turn2us, we have done some deep thinking on what it means to thrive. You can read our report or scroll down to see more about it. 






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Our research showed there are different elements people need to thrive. A helpful way to think about this is by imagining a tree, and what a tree needs to grow and flourish. 


About the tree


A tree is useful for understanding our model of thriving. The means are the basic requirements for a healthy tree: roots (material needs) and soil quality (justice). The process is the trunk and branches of the tree: we grow in our own unique ways to take the shape we want. And the outcomes are the leaves and flowers, which let us know that a tree is really thriving. 

If we have financial security but we are held back by racism or other forms of prejudice, then it is social justice we need. If we have found our calling but we are still struggling to flower, then we are probably lacking the practical means to achieve our goals. 

Thriving is different for each of us and changes over time as our needs change. Turn2us should be sensitive to how people are growing, and help them adapt to shocks like unemployment just as a tree needs time to adapt to losing a branch.






Learn about the resources that allow us to be who we want to be and do what we want to do.

Learn about means


The ability to explore different activities and values, learning what makes us thrive.

Learn about process


Following the process of learning what motivates us, certain outcomes indicate that we are thriving.

Learn about outcomes

We are keen to hear people's feedback and thoughts on our Model of Thriving, and to discuss it further with those interested. Contact us via email at: