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Listen to Talulah explain what outcomes mean in our model of thriving:

Transcript of audio-clip: 

Outcomes can be a big range of things, but some of the most important ones are; strong and supportive relationships, feeling a sense of purpose in our lives and that what we are doing is important and helps others and also that we feel in charge of our lives, meaning we can spend our time, energy and resources as we would like. 

When our means are secure and we can do the things that suit us, we feel contentment and at peace with ourselves. This is how we know that we are thriving.  

What do outcomes look like in reality?

Ugo really enjoyed doing some physical work and seeing the finished products he had created. He now works in construction and feels a sense of competency and purpose, especially when he builds things for people he knows. The hours are more flexible than customer service and this means he has more time to go visit his friends in Birmingham, which gives him a feeling of freedom and control over his social life. These feelings indicate Ugo is thriving.  

Our research found that we might initially use our means on things that don’t suit us, perhaps because of cultural expectations or family pressure. But if we have the time, money, support, and freedom to keep experimenting, we will find our way. Having the time and capacity to not only identify what we want to do but to also pursue them is a strong indicator that we are trying to thrive. As we grow and change over time, we may re-examine what enjoyable activities we choose to do, and what means we need to do them.