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Listen to James, one of the people involved in creating the report, explain what the process is in our model of thriving:

Transcript of audio clip: 

The process goes above and beyond our means, like our homes or money. Sometimes we need more than that to thrive. It takes us to the next level of fulfilment and is an enabling part of thriving. Having the time, opportunity, access and provision to explore what suits us, what applies to us and what is really relevant helps us to grow and expand our horizons. The process is where we are able to determine what we value, what makes us feel better. In many respects, the process builds our emotional resilience, increases our independence of choice and increases interconnectivity with others, and ultimately helps us to thrive.  

What does process look like in reality?

Ugo, 44, lives in Manchester and works in customer service. He doesn’t feel fulfilled by his job, and his closest friends live in Birmingham. Whilst he had the money to pay his bills, he didn’t necessarily feel like he was thriving. Despite his fears about not working full time (he was worried he would be judged by people as being lazy), he decided to request part time hours at work and start free night classes at his local community college. Initially, he did an IT course but found it boring. He then tried a construction course as it was on a suitable day and time.  

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