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Felicity's story

Using the Benefits Calculator, Felicity realised that she was entitled to several benefits

Felicity, a single mother of three, was living in London and had been running her own shop as a self-employed florist for 10 years. However, when the lease on her shop came to an end, Felicity decided to try working from home.

Unfortunately sales plummeted without the shop front and the family was left with a virtually non-existent income.

Despite not having claimed for benefits for 20 years, Felicity decided to apply for Working Tax Credits. Although this provided her with an extra £600 a month, with a mortgage of nearly £500 a month as well as other bills such as electricity and gas, Felicity was soon in debt and had to cut back on essentials such as food. With no money to pay for her meter, the family was left without lighting several times. Mounting mortgage and Council Tax arrears also left Felicity feeling worried and stressed that she might lose her house.

Searching the internet for advice about additional help, Felicity came across the website for Turn2Us. Using the Benefits Calculator, Felicity realised that she was entitled to several benefits and decided to apply for them.

Thanks to Turn2us, Felicity now receives around £1,200 a month in benefits including Child Tax Credit, Council Tax Support and Jobseeker’s Allowance.

Felicity says that benefits she now claims have really helped her. Without them, Felicity says that “my house would have been repossessed by now”. Now, feeling happier, less stressed and relaxed, Felicity feels reassured to know that she will have a certain income each month. She is now able to buy better food for her children, as well as new items for the house such as a boiler and TV as well as saving for future emergencies. Felicity is also now looking to change careers and, because she is receiving benefits, is able to take a training course for free.

Felicity recommends Turn2us to others because the website is “self-explanatory” and says that her experience with the charity was “really good, it really worked for me”.

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