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Sanaz's story

Sanaz found help from Save the Children through an intermediary.

Originally from Iran, Sanaz moved to the UK four years ago with her family.  Living in rented accommodation in central London, 18 year old Sanaz is the only English speaker in the household. She is currently studying for her A-levels and is hoping to go to university, but with her parents not working and surviving on tax credit and child benefits, the family were concerned about how they would cope when they discovered that Sanaz’s mother was pregnant with her third child.

The family believed they would be eligible to receive a Government grant of £500 and so were disappointed to be told that this was not the case. Home-Start, a charity they had received help from in the past, was also unable to provide the financial support they needed.

Instead, Sanaz contacted the helpline provided by Turn2us after a social worker had suggested it to her. However, although it appeared that the family was eligible for help from Save the Children, they were unable to do so directly as the charity required an intermediary to apply. Taking on their case, Turn2us successfully completed the application process on the family’s behalf.

Save the Children bought Sanaz’s family a pushchair, cot and coat for the new baby. Just a week later Sanaz’s mother gave birth to a baby boy. Without the products provided, Sanaz’s new-born brother would have had to have slept in the mother’s bed, and taking him out and about would have proved difficult.
Although life’s still a struggle for Sanaz and her family, she is very grateful for the support and help her family received from Turn2us and would recommend them to others and says: “It felt like there was somebody to support us, with not only our families but other families.  It is really good to know that there are charities that would help us, that would support us.”

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