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2019 Benefit Changes

  • 20/12/2018

A number of benefits are changing throughout 2019

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Millions of households entitled to welfare benefits and tax credit will see big changes in their claims in 2019.

As 2018 comes to an end, here are some of the key things to look out for next year.

All announcements are subject to change.

Universal Credit

The rolling out of the full digital service of Universal Credit across the country is now complete. The Government now plans to transfer people from existing benefits to Universal Credit between July 2019 and December 2023.

From 1st February 2019, families with more than two children will be able to make claims for Universal Credit, however the two child limit will apply.

In April 2019 the Universal Credit Work Allowances will increase for people with children or people with limited capability for work.

From July 2019 onwards, the 12-month ‘grace period’ from the Minimum Income Floor will be extended to all gainfully self-employed claimants who are moved over to Universal Credit by managed migration. It will only be extended to new claimants from September 2020.

The maximum rate at which deductions from Universal Credit, to repay an advance payment, will be reduced from 40% to 30% of the standard allowance, from October 2019.

National Minimum Wage

The National Living Wage will increase by 4.9% in April, this equals:

  • £8.21 for people over 25
  • £7.70 for people aged 21 to 24
  • £6.15 for people aged 18 to 20

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