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21st century poverty: “I have £3.87 to my name”

  • 04/07/2017

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“I just feel my son deserves so much better than a mum who can’t even provide”

Photograph of a mother with a small baby

Amy-Leigh is a mum from Oldbury. Like 14 million others in the UK, she lives in poverty.

In a heart-breaking thread on netmums, Amy-Leigh shared her experience of what it’s like to live in poverty in 21st century Britain.

Amy-Leigh said: “I’m so broke I don’t know what to do. I have £3.87 to my name till Friday next week.

“We have no food in the house, and I need to top up the electric. I’m struggling to feed me and my son.

“I’ve googled food parcels and the nearest one is about seven miles away, and it would cost me £3.60 in bus fare.

“We’ve taken our TV to cash converters and got a tiny bit of money, which went on bills. I can’t ask my parents.

“It’s my niece’s birthday and I can’t afford a card. This is making me feel so ill.

“I feel like a complete failure as it’s my job to take care of my son and I can’t even do that.

“I just feel my son deserves so much better than a mum who can’t even provide. I’m a complete failure.

Amy-Leigh has since found help, got a crisis loan, and contacted a food bank.

However, many haven’t accessed the help available, don’t know it’s there, or are simply too proud to claim.

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Source: NetMums website Coffee House thread: I'm so broke I don't know what to do

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