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'Back to school' financial help

  • 21/08/2018

This article is over a year old

Help with the costs of sending your kids back to school


As the school holidays start to wrap up and children get ready to head back to the classroom, there may be a large shopping-trip on the cards for some parents.

The cost of school uniforms, new shoes and stationery as well as other things can add up quickly. We have listed below some resources that may be able to help if you are on a low income.


There are many benefits out there to help parents with the costs of raising a child. Use the Turn2us Benefits Calculator to find out what you might be entitled to.

Charitable grants

If you are on a low income, help may be available through a charitable grant to help you with the costs of sending your kids to school. Use the Turn2us Grants Search to find a grant for you.


Over a million children are eligible for Free School Meals. To find out if you can apply, you need to get in touch with your local council.


There are a range of Government and employer childcare schemes to help families with the costs of childcare. Read our news story about Help with childcare news article for more information on your options.

School uniform

In addition to grants and other funds, many local councils have their own schemes to help with the cost of buying new school uniforms. Find out if your local council can help you with the costs of school uniforms. 


Some children will also be eligible for help with the cost of home to school transport. Find out if your local council can help you with the costs of transport to and from school

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