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Claim free school meals before the end of term

  • 11/12/2020
  • Author:bridgetmccall

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You will get help during the holidays as well

A schoolgirl with a school meal

As we approach the Christmas holidays, lots of families will be worrying about how to manage while children are at home and how to cope with the costs of Christmas.

You might not realise that your family is entitled to get free school meals.

Not only will this mean your kids get free school meals during term time, you’ll also get help through the school holidays.

In Scotland, families on free school meals are being given grants of £100 to help out in this difficult year.

In England, councils are paying grants to families on their free school meals list.

In Wales and Northern Ireland, you’ll get vouchers or cash payments during the school holidays to help cover the extra costs of having the kids at home.

It is easy to claim free school meals. Just go on your local council’s website and check how they process claims. 

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