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England: Council Tax Rebate 2022

  • 09/03/2022
  • Author:bridgetmccall

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To help people with the rising costs of fuel and inflation, the government has announced that people living in England in properties in Council Tax bands A-D will get a £150 rebate. 

How do I check what Council Tax band my home is in? 

You can check your Council Tax band online.  

How will the rebate be paid? 

If you pay your Council Tax by direct debit, the payment will be sent automatically to the same account you pay your Council Tax from. 

If you don’t pay by direct debit, you won’t get the payment automatically and will need to apply.

Your council should try to contact you to invite you to claim, but you won’t necessarily need to wait for the invitation. Check your council’s website in April to see how to make a claim.  

When will I get the payment? 

The government has asked councils to pay the money as early in April as they can. We don’t have details of payment dates yet. 

Do I have to pay the rebate back? 

No. The rebate is a grant and you don’t have to pay it back. 

Will getting the rebate affect my benefits? 

No. Getting the rebate won’t affect your benefits. 

I don’t pay Council Tax. Will I still get this? 

It depends on why you do not pay Council Tax. 

If you don’t pay Council Tax because you get full Council Tax Support (Council Tax Reduction or Council Tax Benefit), you will get the £150 rebate. 

If you live in a ‘house in multiple occupation’, it is likely that your Council Tax is included in your rent and your landlord may receive the £150 rebate. You could ask your landlord to pass on the rebate to you. 

If you live with housemates, and one of you pays the Council Tax for the house by direct debit, it is likely they will receive the rebate and you may need to ask them to share it between the rest of the housemates. 

If you don’t pay Council Tax because only students live in your property (and you aren’t living in student halls), you will get the rebate but will need to apply for it. 

If you don’t pay Council Tax because everyone in your home is under 18 or is severely mentally impaired, you will get the rebate but will need to apply for it. 

I live in England but am not eligible for a Council Tax rebate. Is there other help I can get? 

Councils have been given funding to set up discretionary schemes to help people who aren’t eligible for a Council Tax rebate. 

You will need to contact your council in April to find out how to apply for the scheme.  

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Date of publication: 10 March 2022



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