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“I knew I wanted to do something”

  • 30/05/2017

This article is over a year old

Sarah Bonham has been volunteering for eight years

a volunteer

An estimated 14.2 million people volunteer for an organisation at least once a month, while another 18 million do it on their own accord.

Through volunteering we can make such a big difference to individuals and entire communities.

Sarah Bonham, who started volunteering with Turn2us eight years ago, said: “Retirement is what actually started me looking at volunteering. I knew I wanted to do something after working in the NHS for 40 years.

“I enjoy meeting people and hearing some of their fascinating stories. I wanted to give something back I know that is a reason often quoted but it is very true. Volunteering is very satisfying and is really good for balancing my time with other things I like to do.

“My role at Turn2us is as a visitor to those people I have been allocated in and around where I live who are beneficiaries of Turn2us. I visit them on a yearly basis to see how they are progressing. I then write a report for the caseworker which contributes to the decision making process. I have seven people I visit throughout the year.

“Meeting people in a variety of situations and often seeing how they have turned themselves around. Knowing that I am the human face of Turn2us for the beneficiary.

“As a visitor we are also the link with the caseworker whose only contact with the beneficiary is usually by telephone. I feel that my contribution to the process can make a real difference. 

“Hearing when people tell me what a difference the help they get from Turn2us has made at a very difficult time of their lives.

“I am very proud of volunteering with Turn2us. I have found it a very positive experience. The charity has a supportive and caring approach which puts people at the heart of what they do. Support for volunteers is excellent and I would thoroughly recommend it.”

There are many ways to get involved with Turn2us.

#VolunteersWeek 1-7 June 2017

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