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Living on little in London? You’re not alone

  • 19/10/2017

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Over two million Londoners are struggling to make ends meet

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Almost a quarter of those living in London are struggling to make ends meet due to high rents, low wages, and inflation.

Over two million Londoners – 1.2 million adults, 700,000 children and 200,000 pensioners – are barely getting by.

More than half of these Londoners in poverty are in working families.

Unaffordable accommodation is a major cause of poverty in the capital. Average rents for a two bedroom property have increased 26% since 2011. The average monthly rent on a new tenancy in London in May was £1,502.

These high costs have resulted in a surge in all types of homelessness. The number of people sleeping on London’s streets has doubled since 2010.

Last year, 8,096 were seen and recorded rough sleeping in London. The real figure could be much higher.

As we enter the winter months, homelessness can become an increasingly life or death issue. However, cold homes can also lethal.

More than one in 10 Londoners cannot afford to heat and power their homes: that’s over 335,000 households.

Mubin Haq, Director of Policy and Grants at Trust for London, said: “Over two million Londoners are struggling to make ends meet. That’s more than the entire populations of Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol and Newcastle combined.

“The reality remains, that for many work does not pay enough or offer the security that people need.

“We need more action to increase wages and improve good work standards if poverty is to further reduce.”

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