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£20 Universal Credit Uplift

Write to your MP to help keep this vital lifeline for so many families.

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The weekly £20 uplift to Universal Credit standard allowance is a lifeline for many families who are struggling to stay afloat during this pandemic. In September this year, this vital support may be taken away. This would plunge people who rely on this uplift into poverty, as they would lose around £1,040 a year in benefits.

At a time where families costs have gone up and many are facing lost incomes, this lifeline is essential. Let’s work together to help families keep the £20 uplift beyond September and for it to be extended to those of us who are on the old benefits system.  

What you need to do

All you need to do to add your voice to this campaign is to ask your MP today to push the Government and Chancellor Rishi Sunak to keep the lifeline going so even more people are not plunged into deeper poverty. 

How to write to your MP  

  • Find your MP’s email address: Go to and enter your postcode. Copy the email address from the contact information box.

  • Write your own message or copy and paste the template we’ve provided below to help you.

  • Try to add some personal details about what the uplift has meant to you and how important keeping it is.

  • Include your full name and address so the MP knows you are from their constituency.

  • Send your email.

How to write to your MP – draft letter 


I am writing to you as someone who receives benefits to ask you to help me and the many thousands of families like mine to keep our heads above water by lobbying for the £20 Universal Credit and Working Tax Credit uplift to remain.  

I am asking you to urge Rishi Sunak and Therese Coffey to not only make this lifeline permanent, but to extend it to families on legacy benefits too. This is the only right and fair thing to do for people who are struggling to stay afloat during these increasingly uncertain economic times. 

[If you have had the uplift – insert what impact the £20 has had and what impact taking it away will have on your livelihood.]

[If you haven’t had the uplift – add what life is like on social security, what impact the pandemic has had on you and what difference receiving the £20 would make for you.] 

Please urgently write or speak to Ministers and ask them to keep the lifeline and ensure that no one in receipt of legacy benefits is left behind. 

Thank you very much for your time with reading my letter. I would be very grateful to receive a response and to speak to you further about this issue should you be happy to. 

Yours sincerely,