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About our Campaign

What is the Benefits Awareness campaign all about?

Redundancy, a sudden illness or becoming a carer for a relative – financial hardship can happen for many different reasons, and it can happen to anyone at anytime in their lives.

Many people shy away from finding out what they might be entitled to in the form of welfare benefits. But this support provides a vital lifeline for people who find themselves struggling to cope financially. Shockingly,  £15 billion in welfare support goes unclaimed every year – often because people are unaware that support is available or feel that benefits aren’t for them. Instead, they might go without basic essentials including food or heating, or turn to unscrupulous lenders.

We want to change this.

We want to make sure that everyone living in financial hardship knows what support is available to them and how to claim if they are eligible.

Infographic showing that £15billion goes unclaimed every year

How can Turn2us help?

We’re encouraging anyone in financial need – even if they are in full-time work or have a mortgage – to check what help is available using our Benefits Calculator. It’s free, confidential, shows you quickly and easily what benefits you are entitled to and how to make a claim. We also have information pages on benefits and other help for a range of different circumstances.

How big is the problem?

As part of our campaign, we spoke to low income households and found out that:

Infographic of our 2016 research showing that 48%25 of low-income households are not claiming the benefits and tax credits they could be entitled tooRead our #BenefitsAware news story for all the campaign research.

Are you struggling with money?

Use our free and confidentialBenefits Calculator to find out which benefits you could be entitled to, the amounts you should receive and how to make a claim.

Support our Benefits Awareness campaign

There are lots of ways you can support our Benefits Awareness campaign and make a huge difference to people and families living in financial hardship.


You can also go to our media centre for our latest campaign press releases.


*Source: DWP and HMRC, 2013-14

**Survey of over 1,500 people with annual household incomes of £25,000 and less (before tax and deductions).