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Find Support

If you are struggling with money, there is financial support and information available which could help.

Even if you or your partner are working full-time, or you have a mortgage, you still might be eligible.

Our online tools are easy-to-use, confidential, and can quickly help you find out what you could be entitled to claim.

Use our Benefits Calculator

Check your entitlements to welfare benefits and tax credits, how much you could receive and how to make a claim.

Get further information

You can also find further help on a range of different circumstances such as looking for work, expecting a child, being a carer and having an illness or disability on our ‘Your Situation’ pages or use our A-Z of benefits if you want to find out more about a specific benefit.

In the last year, more than one million people across the UK used our Benefits Calculator to find out what extra support they were eligible for.