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Who We Are Helping

Watch our #BenefitsAware Campaign stories to learn more about how Helen, Brian, Linda and Michelle found support through Turn2us

Brian a Benefits Aware cases studyAnyone can find themselves struggling financially and it is often those that least expect a sudden change in circumstances that find it the hardest to ask for support. The biggest factor causing those struggling financially to be unaware of what support is available is that they simply assume that welfare benefits are not for them.

Watch our campaign videos featuring the following people who found help through Turn2us by clicking on the links at the end of each introduction.

Helen's story

Helen left full time work to become a carer for her husband who was seriously ill. When she made the difficult decision to leave her job to care for him, her lack of awareness of what help was available meant that they nearly lost their home. Through Turn2us, Helen discovered how just 10p a week in Pension Credit meant that they could stay in their home.

Find out how Helen found help through Turn2us

With over £15 billion a year in welfare benefits and tax credits going unclaimed, and £2.8 billion of that in the form of Pension Credit, it is clear that many of those struggling are missing out on help that could mean that they would no longer have to cut back on food or heating.

Brian's story

Brian worked his whole life for the Ministry of Defence and thought that his Civil Service pension would support him. But a number of issues with Housing Benefit, confounded by the complexities of the welfare benefits system, meant that Brian was made bankrupt with no means to support himself.

Learn how Brian found help through Turn2us

Linda's story

Time and again we support people who have devoted their lives to helping others. Linda works as a warden for a residential complex for older people. Money worries meant that her husband, a retired steelworker from the nearby Scunthorpe steelworks, would have to retrain in another career despite being his 60s. It wasn't until Linda found out that they were missing out on a range of support that she realised they might be able to cope.

Discover what support Linda found through Turn2us

Michelle's story

Michelle worked as a Welfare Support Officer at a local school before a serious illness meant she had to go into hospital. Despite working herself back up to strength so that she could resume work, Michelle received another blow when she was made redundant. Turn2us helped Michelle find out what help she could get so that she could get her life back on track.

Find out how Michelle was helped by Turn2us