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About the Living Without campaign

Find out the reasons why we are highlighting this important issue

What is the campaign about?

The Living Without campaign aims to draw attention to the high number of people living without basic household appliances and the impact that it is having on their lives.

We have decided to run the campaign because almost half of the people seeking our help  don’t have a cooker or fridge, and that this number is increasing.

Living without such basics is a one of the core 'poverty premiums' and it has a profoundly negative impact on physical, emotional and financial wellbeing.

We also know that many people purchase household appliances using high cost credit which can cause or exacerbate financial difficulties.

Another concern is that many people are living with failing and faulty appliances because they can't afford to replace them.

Letting people know that help is available

Research that we undertook found low levels of awareness that grants were available to help people purchase household appliances, with 81% of those surveyed being unaware of them.

A key aim of the campaign is therefore to raise awareness of grants and how they can help people struggling to purchase basic household goods.

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