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Where to get help

Find out where you can get assistance with the cost of white goods

If you’re struggling with household appliances, you might be eligible for some financial support. Use our tools and information today to see what could be available.

Use our Benefits Calculator: Check your entitlements to welfare benefits and tax credits, how much you could receive and how to make a claim.

Use our Grants Search: Check if you’re eligible for support from over 3,000 grant-giving charities, including those who offer help with the cost of white goods.

Many charitable funds listed on our Grant Search can help you buy household appliances, including:

Buttle UK - made over 11,000 grants for essential household items. They provide grants of a maximum of £300, often to help buy white goods. Buttle UK focuses its help on children and young people and their families and carers. 

Family Fund - provide grants to families raising disabled or seriously ill children and living in the UK.

BT Benevolent Fund - gave over £700,000 last year. All money goes towards helping past and present BT employees in need and their families.

E.ON Energy Fund - can help you with the cost of energy bills as well as with household items such as cookers, fridges and boilers. The charity helps vulnerable customers of any energy company.

EDF Energy Trust - helps EDF customers who are struggling. In some circumstances, they can help you buy energy efficient white goods.

British Gas Energy Trust - provides grants to help customers of any energy company with energy bill arrears, white goods and funeral payments.

Wavelength - provides TVs and radios to isolated and lonely people living in poverty.

Friends of the Elderly - gives grants to older people over the State Pension age, living in England or Wales, who have a low income and savings of less than £4,000.

League of the Helping Hand - provides financial assistance to those who are in hardship due to illness or disability. Applicants must live in the UK and have a sponsor to support their application.

Percy Bilton Charity - individuals may apply for a grant through the Percy Bilton Charity through support workers if they are on a low income and have a serious illness, disability or are over 65.

Skinners' Benevolent Trust - this charitable fund is currently prioritising help to those with mental health issues, in recovery from substance abuse, victims of domestic violence, pensioners, families on low income and those suffering a disability.

Save the Children - the charity's Eat, Sleep, Learn, Play! scheme offers vital help to low income families.

Help also may be available through your council's Local Welfare Assistance Scheme.