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About No Cold Homes

Our fuel poverty campaign, No Cold Homes, is running throughout the Winter. 

We are promoting the support available for people who can’t afford to heat their homes this Winter.

What can Turn2us do?

We can help you find out if you're eligible for welfare benefits, charitable grants and other financial support. Support that could make all the difference when it comes to paying for life’s essentials, like a warm home.

How big is the problem?

Research by Turn2us on the thousands of people in financial hardship that seek our help, found that almost half (46%) of the more than four thousand (4,047)* people we surveyed had cut back on heating their home because of the cost.

The research also found that people over the age of 55, and those living with a disability were more likely to have cut back on heating in order to save on heating costs.

The research also found that strugging with energy costs was:

  • Causing one in five (20%) stress and worry
  • Making one in six (17%) cut back on food to pay their energy bills.

As well as the serious impact that struggling with energy costs was having on people’s welfare, it was worsening the financial problems of people who were already struggling financially. The research found that many resorted to using credit to pay their energy bills - and in some cases high cost credit.

The study found that:

  • 14% had used credit cards to pay their energy bills
  •  8% had used payday loans.
“You are constantly aware of lights being left on, questioning whether you need to put the heating on or not and worrying if my toddler is warm enough. You don’t relax, you are constantly aware of usage. 

Are you struggling to keep your home warm this winter?

Go to our Find support page to use our Benefits Calculator and Grants Search to see if you’re eligible for any welfare benefits or charitable grants that could help. You can also find out about other schemes to help you manage your bills.

Get involved!

Here’s how you can find out more about No Cold Homes and help us support people struggling with their energy costs:


If you’re a journalist, we’ll be happy to give you all the statistics, comments or case studies you need. Please get in touch with Una Farrell, Communications Manager or call 0208 8349 259.

You can also go to our media centre for our latest campaign press releases. 

*As part of this year’s campaign, Turn2us surveyed 4,047 individuals who had come to the charity for support from 1 September – 23 November 2016.